Spa & Inch Loss Therapies


Hand Paraffin Treatment


        Do you dream of beautifull, supple hands?

Try using a paraffin treatment that contains natural moisturizing substances revitalises the skin and nails.

The skin after treatment becomes perfectly smooth and soft. Your hands will feel soft, moisturized. It is excellent for over used or matured hands. In addition to the cosmetic effect of paraffin also carries therapeutic benefits because of the warming effect strongly influences the healing of bones and joints. 

However, it is not suitable for those suffering from osteoporosis, it may cause bone softening.

       The treatment is recommended especially for those confronted with the problem of dry, calloused, flaky or chapped skin. It takes about 45 minutes whole treatment contains disinfection of hands, professional scrub combined with massage, nourishing mask, paraffin dip and cream at the end of treatment



Chocolate Delight

Slimming and Relaxing Body Wrap Treatment


        This luxurious treatment is applied to the whole body or its parts. Designed for women affected by cellulite and excessive fat tissue. Chocolate due to its characteristics is highly appreciated in the beauty industry. It also helps to release endorphins - hormones, improving well-being and happiness great impact on the psyche and senses.



  • all forms of cellulite
  • excessive adipose tissue
  • skin that needs the nutrition
  • tired skin due to the diets or after pregnancy



  • fat reduction, reduction of appearance of cellulite
  • excellent smoothness
  • reduces symptoms of fatigue and stress


       The recommended amount is a series of 8 - 10 treatments. The session takes about 60 minutes including a scrub, massage, concentrate, chocolate mask with L-Carnitine and cream at the end of treatment



Red Wine

Rejuvenating and Firming Body Wrap Treatment


This is an innovative treatment based on red wine rich in flavonoids and polyphenols by which effectively combats free radicals, inhibiting the aging process of the skin. AHA acids contained in red wine exfoliate, remove stains and make the skin smooth and soft as well aware of the ancient Roman women and Greek women bathing in red wine.




  • loss of firmness and premature skin aging
  • impure, grey, tired skin
  • dry, slack skin, disturbed excretion of toxic substances
  • cellulite



  • effectively combats free radicals
  • elimination of toxins (detoxication)
  • improved skin tone
  • improved metabolism and microcirculation
  • protection against premature skin aging
  • ntensive moisturizing


Body Detox

Slimming and detoxifying treatment

It is a unique treatment based on micronized sea mud with algae and strong detoxification properties by stimulatig the metabolism cleanses the body, helps get rid of the water retention as a consequence of accelerated weight loss


             excessive adipose tissue
             abnormal excretion of toxins
             dry skin
             water retention in tissues


l            ong-lasting moisturizing and firming skin
            reducing the symptoms of cellulite
            reduction in body fat
            increase in lipolysis, metabolic activation

The recommended amount is a series of 8 - 10 treatments. The session lasts about 60 minutes in the treatment included a scrub, massage, mud mask and cream at the end of treatment



Bride Package 

(massage + skin conditiong treatment)


Marriage and related preapration is e special time for bride and groom, accompanied by strong emotions. Bride should then find a moment for herself to be able to relax and restore harmony. Offered treatment is the ideal solution for the bride not only for relaxation but the treatment will provide many benefits for the skin that will delight its splendor in this much-anticipated day. 

Massage restores the flow of energy, vitality and emotional balance. Substances contained in the oil act on the nerve endings in the skin, soothes, removes toxins from it. In addition, activates the immune system. It is an ideal preparation for the next stage of the treatment. 

The skin conditioning treatments starts from apllying the scrub that effectively but gently removes dead skin cells, leaving skin silky smooth and ready to absorb valuable substances from the apllied mask. Thanks to its formula product brings immediate moisturizing effect, leaving skin smooth, tensioning of radiant appearance.

The treatment enjoys a high popularity often funded (voucher) as a form of gift for a han party. It is recommended one week before the wedding, ideally 3 or 4 days before the ceremony. 









I look forward to taking care of you!